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Choosing An Agent to help you buy or sell a home is a decision that deserves careful screening to find the RIGHT person. All agents possess a real estate license from the state but that alone does not guarantee that a person is qualified to deliver the quality of service you expect. One agent might be an excellent choice to help you BUY a home but a poor choice to help you SELL a home.

We know that most home buyers and sellers interview only one agent before making a decision. Sometimes it works out fine, but not always. 


  Regardless of the number of agents you interview, you owe it to yourself to pick an agent that meets at least the following:

      • Good personality fit -- someone you like.

      • A good listener.

      • Experienced,  knowledgeable, and up-to-date on current trends, laws, and policies.

      • Expert in the use of technology.

      • Available and accessible.

      • Former clients would use again.

      • A good teacher.

      • Knows the territory.

      • Someone you can trust to always look out for your best interests.

      • Reputation for Honesty and Integrity

Rather than simply tell you that I am the person you should choose, I prefer to let my record and reputation speak for itself. If you are considering Buying or Selling, it would be my honor to meet with you and discuss how I would propose to work with you. I have been helping people achieve their goals for nearly 50 years. I am flattered by clients who  consider me their agent for life.

I pride myself on my skills as a communicator who cuts through the bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo to provide practical, commonsense solutions to the problems my clients face. I insist on individualized service tailored to the needs of my clients.

One thing you can count on -- When you work with me, I will never tell you what you want to hear in order to gain your business. I will always give you my best professional judgment. To do otherwise is a waste of your time. Give me a call today to arrange for a time when we can get together and talk about your real estate needs.



Complimentary Copy of Seven Steps to Home Ownership Available to Home Buyers

For most people, Buying a Home is the largest financial transaction they handle in a lifetime. It is also one of the most stressful experiences anyone confronts. Consequently it is important that a buyer, especially a first time buyer, retain the most experienced agent available. There are plenty of agents available however many of them are ill-prepared for the myriad of critical tasks involved in being a Buyer's Agent. For this reason, I wrote Seven Steps to Home Ownership, Home Buying Made Easy

I give a copy of the book to all of my buyer clients. If you would like a copy, please send an email message to with details about the house you would like to buy, price range, location, and features. I will reply with instructions about how to download a complimentary copy of the book.




 Owe more than the market value of your home?
                Can't Make your mortgage payments? 

Bills Piling Up?

           Worried about what to do next?

It's Time to Call the Real Estate Doctor!


 There is never a charge for consultation.


John Cleek, Ph.D.

This doctor makes house calls.

    The sooner you call, the better your chances of a short sale working for you. If you wait until you receive a Notice of Default or other notice of pending legal action, it may be too late to complete a short sale before foreclosure takes place.

When your bills total more than your income, it's only natural to feel angry, embarrassed, helpless, and overwhelmed, They say, misery loves company. Well, in today's economy, believe me, you've got plenty of company if you are stuck with mortgage payments you can't handle on a home that won't sell for enough to pay off the mortgage. To make matters worse, you or your spouse may be out of work or you've had a major medical crisis that produced a mountain of additional bills.

What do you do? What can you do? Where can you turn? For starters, remember that bad things happen to good people. Don't beat up on yourself or your spouse.

Doing nothing is the worst thing you can do. When the phone rings and you are sure it's the mortgage company, the best thing you can do is answer it. Then what? What do you say? You simply tell them the truth. I don't have the money to pay my mortgage. I need your help. Convince them that you are facing serious financial problems and ask them to work with you in finding a solution. If the caller is rude or unsympathetic, ask to speak with someone else. Requesting to speak with a supervisor is often a way to get help. Agree to cooperate with the lender but don't agree to do anything you know you cannot do!

Every situation is different. We are not attorneys and will not offer you legal advice. We are not tax professionals and will not offer you tax advice. We are licensed real estate agents experienced in working with homeowners in various stages of pre-foreclosure.

In many cases the best solution is what is known as a SHORT SALE. A short sale will not allow you to keep your home but it may make it possible for you to avoid foreclosure with less damage to your credit than a foreclosure would cause. Before you walk away and let your home go to foreclosure or resort to a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, you owe it to yourself to explore whether a short sale would be the right solution for you.




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